Best Hill Stations Deals is a microsite of and features different hill stations and hill resorts and hotels based in India. We have featured twelve hill staions namely Himachal Pradesh Hill Station India, Uttar Pradesh Hill Station India, Jammu & Kashmir Hill Staion India, Ladhak Hill Staion India, Rajasthan Hill Station India, West Bengal Hill Station India, Arunachal Pradesh Hill Station India, Meghalaya Hill Station India, Sikkim Hill Station India, Maharashtra Hill Station India, Madhya Pradesh Hill Station India, Gujarat Hill Station India. Each of the Hill Station and Hill Resorts and Hotels featuring on the site is best in its category and ensures you have a very memorable stay while in India.




Himachal Pradesh Hill Station India
Uttar Pradesh Hill Station India Jammu & Kashmir Hill Station India

Himachal Pradesh India is irresistably attractive to travellers from all over the world. A holiday in Himachal Pradesh India typically begins on the drive to Shimla, when one is greeted by the first gust of fresh mountain air. Shimla in Himachal Pradesh India to charm tourists with its unique ambience, a blend of the colonial and the Himachali. Shimla in Himachal Pradesh India is also ideally located to step into the rest of the state. Himachal Pradesh India offers bewitching countryside.

The hills of Uttar Pradesh India are majestic and beautiful. Well endowed with water, the Hill Stations in Uttar Pradesh India are also incredibly green, and also display much of the ruggedness that belongs to drier elevations. Beyond the treeline there are snows, unborken save for crystalline lakes and the shimmering length of timeless glaciers. Blessed with a year round pleasant climate, this area is well worth a visit any time of the year.

Jammu, the winter capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir India is perched on the first sloping ridge rising from the plains of Punjab. The meandering Tawi river flows along the foothills and in the backdrop is the imposing Trikuta range. Jammu is worth a visit for its temples and for its history as the cradle of Dogra culture. Jammu has extremes of climate, hot in summer and cold in winter. The best time for a visit is during spring and autumm.




Ladakh Hill Station India Rajasthan Hill Station India West Bengal Hill Station India

Ladakh India, the land of many passes, in the northern most province of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in India. Ladakh India has become one of the most popular summer destinations for foreign tourists to India. Ladakh India is one of the more popular summer destinations. It remains monsoon free due to the great barrier of the Himalayas. Ladakh India is a land not only for the leisure and luxury loving tourist.

Rajasthan Hill Station India includes the famous Mount Abu hill which is the highest point of the Aravalli range passing through Rajasthan India. The only hill resort of Rajasthan India, it is mainly built around a lake and is surrounded by forested hills. Besides having all the features of a pleasant hill resort, Mount Abu is also well known for its famous Dilwara Temples and many more archeological remains, interesting treks and picnic spots.

The most important and organized hill resort in eastern India, in West Bengal India is Darjeeling which offers a backdrop of the mighty Himalayan peaks and the joys of cool, healthy, gracios and adventurous living. Darjeeling Hill Station in West Bengal India is also famous for producing one of the finest teas in the world with a unique and delicate aroma. Darjeeling owes it grandeur to its natural beauty, its clean fresh mountain air.




Arunachal Pradesh Hill Station India Meghalaya Hill Station India Sikkim Hill Station India

Arunachal Pradesh India is a veritable treasure house that would tempt a specialist in any discipline. Arunachal Pradesh India has a salubrious climate and hospitable people, with their glorious heritage of arts and crafts and colourful festivals that reflect their ancient faiths in the inexorable power of Nature. There are places of worship and pilgrimage such as Parasuramkund and the Tawang Monastery.

Shillong is a capital of Meghalaya India and is a pictureque hill station offering a good holiday all year round. One of the most motorable hill stations, a stay here does not require as much mandatory walking as in other places. Meghalaya Hill Station Shillong provides scenic beauty, cheerful people, clouds and tall pines, mountains, valleys, meadows and an excellent golf course.

Sikkim Hill Station India offers breathtaking vistas, colourful lifestyles, Buddhist shrines, adventure, water sports, exquisite flora and fauna, including hundreds of varieties of butterflies, all close to the capital, Gangtok. Sikkim Hill Station India is ideal for a visit by itself, or combined with visits to Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Sikkim offers a wonderland of forests, rivers, peaks and cultural heritage.




Maharashtra Hill Station India Gujarat Hill Station India Madhya Pradesh Hill Station India

Western Hill Stations nestling amoung the mountain ranges that sweep across the state of Maharashtra India. Maharashtra Hill stations India have much to offer. Perfect for quick getaways, as they are within easy reach by rail or road from gthe major cities in these states, wonderful for longer holidays, to really unwind and explore the joys of nature. Walking, horse rinding, boating, trekking, sightseeings.

Saputara a hill resort in Gujarat India is the only hill resort in theis state, situaed at an altitude of 873 metres above sea level. Saputara is a pictureque hill station in Gujarat, best visited between mid March to mid November. It overlooks an emerald green plateau and has a lovely lake where boating for pleasure is possible for tourists. Saputara hill resort in Gujarat is a popular base for excursions to the Mahal Bardipara.

Pachmarhi Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh India is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh India. The Pachmarhi Hill Station is a place for relaxing. Pachmarhi is a great place for walks along more or less travelled pathways. More strenuous treks are avaiable, such as the seven kilometer trek to Jalawataran. Some easy rock- climing is available here.

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